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DOKUMENTA.VIDEO is a multidisciplinary research and development lab providing comprehensive, AI-enhanced video solutions and services. Founded and led by documentarian José Velázquez (MA, University of the Arts, London | IBM Cloud & Cognitive Technical Architect),  it aims to facilitate the understanding, interpretation and use of media archives by making their content more widely known and encouraging greater access to them.


DOKUMENTA is also a social enterprise committed to the continuous development and upskilling of fellow researchers in the AV archival community, promoting the use of disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Big Data and AI, and leveraging the participation of its members in outreach academic activities, technical lectures, seminars and design thinking workshops. 


We can help with: Information Architecture; Strategic & Technical Advice on Speech Recognition, Computer Vision and NLU technologies; Collections Audit; Project Management & Delivery; Training Programmes; Information & Awareness Seminars; Curriculum Development; Design Thinking Workshops; Industry Mentoring.



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Putting our unique professional and life experiences to work to support communities to make an impact

Archivists and record-keepers are not traditionally considered stakeholders when it comes to discussions connected to the development and the implementation of AI solutions. And yet, they will need to advise decision-makers on the preservation of algorithms as well as understand how to manage the significant ethical challenges posed by these emerging cognitive technologies (Dr Anthea Seles, Secretary General International Council on Archives, 2020).


As the role of data in business and academia expands beyond anything the world has seen, archival workforce AI training becomes an urgent requirement.  DOKUMENTA is committed to address this digital skill gap in the archivist profession, particularly in emerging countries, helping students, professionals, and organizations build critical technology skills and competencies in the areas of Cloud, Big Data and AI.

DOKUMENTA supports and partners with external, ethically-minded entities like NGOs, universities and individuals engaged in the preservation of audio-visual archives. Drop us a line below to find out more. 



Jose is an accomplished and innovative technologist who effervescently works with customers and partners who are delighted with his technical acumen and easy grasp of their environments. He has a deep understanding of the application of AI to media workflows. Jose is an industry expert on the application of AI to unlocking the inherent value in media archives.

Tom Ohanian, Academy Award® and a two-time Emmy® recipient.

Jose Velazquez interweaves his deep digital media archiving & management skill set with his extensive computer savoir-faire seamlessly, combining industry knowledge and experience gained at the likes of Yahoo, Google, IBM and Macromedia. (...) His technical background facilitates the know-how to develop innovative data and text mining algorithms for the extraction of extremely relevant information from well-organized records.  Jose is an extremely valued contributor to our annual engineering conference, and his continual thirst for knowledge is exemplary - one of the many reasons he’s a valued role-model for our students.

Professor Domingo Savio Rodríguez Baena, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville

Jose has been a great point of interaction with IBM as we were exploring the capabilities of Watson. He can explain systems and processes from low to high level as an expert in archive searchability and accessibility. Definitely an asset to any project!

Spencer Marsden, R&D Engineer, BBC Blue Room



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